The Event / Course Maps

Course Maps Rides

  • Riders on the 65-mile course must reach mile 18.2 at the crossing of FM1626 by 9:30am to stay on course. Any rider not reaching that point will be routed to the 45-mile course.
  • Riders on the 100-mile course must reach mile 35.6 at the crossing of FM3237 and FM150 by 10:30am to stay on course. Any rider not reaching that point will be routed to the 65-mile course.
  • There will be no exceptions to these cutoff times. In order to remain on schedule and have major roadways open by 5pm, the course officials will be strictly enforcing these cutoffs.

Riverside Drive will re-open promptly at 5:00pm per the direction of the City of Austin. At 4:00pm the course will close and the finish line area will start to be broken down.

Due to the varying difficulty of the Team LIVESTRONG Challenge courses, and in an effort to maintain a high safety standard, the Team LIVESTRONG Challenge Ride support (Mechanical, Support and Gear [SAG], Medical and Course Signage) will end 8.5 hours after starting (4 p.m. in Austin). If you are still on course after 7.5 hours and are not on pace to finish in 8.5 hours, you will politely be asked by our staff to allow a SAG vehicle to take you to a safe location near the finish line where you will be allowed to ride through the finish and enjoy the Post-Event Party activities.

General Notes

  • The Team LIVESTRONG Challenge Austin could not take place without the support and coordination of numerous local agencies such as the Austin PD and Texas Department of Transportation along with a wealth of local volunteers. Please obey the rules of the road and respect the local citizens who welcome this event with open arms.
  • The Austin weather is likely to be hot and humid in October. There will be power stops with food and hydration along with mechanical and medical support every 10–15 miles. There will also be numerous SAG (Support and Gear) vehicles along the course that will assist with your journey.
  • The Team LIVESTRONG Challenge maintains a high standard for support—we encourage all riders to utilize the available support put in place to make your journey as safe as possible.
  • The LIVESTRONG Foundation, High 5 Events and local law enforcement reserve the right to change or alter the course at their discretion due to road construction, traffic patterns, natural disaster and any other circumstance that may threaten the overall safety of our riders and motorists.

Please note that any training or similar activities using these cue sheets, maps or charts are not part of a sponsored walk, run or ride, and that the LIVESTRONG Foundation, event production partner of the Team LIVESTRONG Challenge events, and their respective affiliates are not responsible in any manner for conditions encountered or injuries incurred on these courses and routes prior to or following the Team LIVESTRONG Challenge event.


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